It is expected that once you agree to a schedule each semester you will not ask for it to be changed except on rare occasion. When you aren't able to keep your commitment to Brazos Arts and your students there are costs incurred, disappointed/irritated students and families, membership cancellations and extra work. Further, this breaches the agreement we make with the student that they will have a consistent teacher each week.

Effective immediately, ALL REQUESTS FOR TIME OFF OR SCHEDULE CHANGES MUST GO THROUGH THE CUSTOMER PORTAL ON OUR WEBSITE. This is located on our "Contact Us" page. Your request will be considered and you'll be notified via email whether the request is approved or not. 

If you receive approval for the schedule change you are permitted to ask other instructors to cover for you but you MAY NOT contact your students directly to work out makeups or an alternate schedule unless explicitly asked to do so by our administrative staff. No exceptions.

If you receive approval for the schedule change the administrative costs associated with this change will be passed on to you in the form of an administrative fee deducted from your pay. This fee is $10/hour per hour of administrative time incurred and with a one hour minimum charge.

Exception: you are permitted ONE change request per semester (SPRING/SUMMER/FALL) that the company will pay for provided it is not for more than one day's absence. 

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