May 2017

Deadline for completion of this form is Monday May 15TH. The Mandatory staff meeting is scheduled for Friday May 19th at 7pm in Bryan.

You are responsible for all the information on this page. Please read carefully.
To start with I want to explain this format. It is an experiment to see if I can get key information communicated to everyone prior to a face-to-face staff meeting. Hopefully this better ensures that the communication is clear and gives you time to formulate questions you might have.

Secondly I need better documentation for evaluating our current staff. You'll see outlined below additional information in this regard, but please be sure that your responsiveness to administrative communication is part of your evaluation. These evaluations will be used to determine upward or downward adjustments in your compensation and scheduled hours. 

Finally, please know that not all items communicated here are directed at each one of you. In the case of negative commentary or feedback, if it applies to you you'll know it right away. If it does not apply to you then please learn from other's mistakes.

ITEM 1: Holidays Observed by Brazos Arts:


* If you are scheduled to work but were planning on being out for Memorial Day or any other holiday not listed above get with me ASAP.

ITEM 2: Instructor Scorecards/Evaluations

Many instructors have asked for better feedback from me on how they are doing and what my expectations are. Since April of this year I have been logging weekly scorecards for each of you. The data collected on the scorecards will be used in staff evaluations and pay increases/decreases. You will be provided with monthly summaries so you know where you stand and where you are excelling and where improvement is needed. The goal is continuous improvement, not necessarily perfection.

Weekly data captured includes but is not limited to:
* Lessons logs complete
* Responds to information requests promptly - meets deadlines
* Classrooms left clean/organized/staged
* Arrives on time for work
* Starts/Ends lessons on time
* Debriefing parents after lessons
* Has cheerful demeanor
* Dresses appropriately
* Asked off without giving 2 week notice
* Responds well to occasional housekeeping requests

ITEM 3: Handling Planned and Unplanned Time Off

We've covered this each staff meeting and for some reason there is still confusion and incorrect handling of these absences. No flowcharts this time; we'll keep it simple. Generally speaking:

* Unplanned absences - contact other instructors to find a sub for yourself FIRST. If you can't find someone to cover you let me know. Call the main number 979-703-5905 and if you can't reach me try the cell 979-777-3349. It is expected that you will arrange to makeup any missed lessons due to unplanned absences.

* Planned absences - 2 week minimum courtesy notice to me. The more in advance you can let me know the easier it is to make it work without upsetting our clients. Once I'm notified I will work with you to arrange a sub or makeups, in that order.

ITEM 4: Customer Complaints

I'll just include one example of a recent communication from a customer. We can cover a couple others when we meet. This is a response from the Exit Survey we send all customers who cancel their lessons:

Student Name(s): Lucille Stone

Please tell us what you liked the MOST about your experience at Brazos Arts: The convenience of the very nice location.

Please tell us what you liked the LEAST about your experience at Brazos Arts: Andrea was good with customer service, but the other instructors would talk too personally very openly in front of customers (parents and students), I don't believe I was ever greeted with a smile by instructors who are not teaching, just overall poor customer service.

Would you recommend Brazos Arts to others?: No, probably not...


See you all on Friday the 19th.

I have read this page in full and acknowledge receiving the information herein *
I have read this page in full and acknowledge receiving the information herein