Michael Martin


- Beginner through advanced Percussion and Vocal instruction.
- Piano


• Percussion and Drum Set
• Honors Band, Drum-line, and Jazz Band
• Concert performance band, participating in both State and Regional Solo & Ensemble competitions
• Member of Drum-line, providing performance and marching leadership as Drum Captain
• First chair Jazz drummer and featured soloist in several performances

The Buddy Holly Story, Summer 2011
• Drummer, Vocalist, Actor
• Cast member of The Buddy Holly Story, a theater production that sold out four consecutive weeks at Ingram’s Point Theater
• Mastered several part harmony and 50’s era percussion style during a strict rehearsal and performance schedule

The New Buddy Holly Band, Summer 2011-Present
• Drummer, Vocalist  
• The play’s success sparked a demand for our sound in the Hill Country, prompting more sold out crowds and a larger repertoire
• Performances consist of several hours of material, high production value, and several vocal and drum set solos

Odd Folks, January 2014-Present
• Drummer, Vocalist
• Founding member of indie/alternative rock band that writes, composes, and performs completely original music
• Released our first full length album, “Monica,” on Halloween 2015 to rave reviews and overwhelmingly positive feedback


Wrote “George Crooner,” a creative short story selected for publication in Texas A&M’s 2015 “Explorations Undergraduate Journal”
Record and regularly perform percussion and vocals with several different musical groups
Created the musical score for “Animus” a 36-minute short film using guitars, percussion, and piano in a professional studio